American Airlines 50,000 Miles AAdvantage Credit Card

free flight american airlines paris trip.
Last year, we signed up for the American Airlines AAdvantage 75,000 bonus miles offer credit card. And we got free airline tickets for our trip to Paris.

When I ran across the AAdvantage credit card online, I knew it was a great deal. We got the card and met the spending requirement in just 2 months. I was surprised when Citibank sent the miles to my American Airlines AAdvantage account the next month. I figured it would take them a lot longer.

Once we had the rewards, we booked our tickets as soon as we could. The standard reward at the peak travel time was 60,000 miles, but we were lucky. The first half of our trip was before the peak travel season, so our round-trip tickets only cost us 50,000 miles. We still have miles left over.

Ever since I got this offer, I keep looking for it again. Unfortunately, the 75,000 miles offer is gone (for now). But, I did find a 50,000 miles and a 30,000 miles American Airlines AAdvantage credit card offer on their site.

American Airlines 50,000 miles AAdvantage Credit Card (expires November 30, 2011)

  • Spend $3,000 in first 4 months
  • $0 Annual Fee for the first year ($85/year annual fee after that)

American Airlines 30,000 miles AAdvantage Credit Card

  • Spend $750 in first 4 months
  • $0 Annual Fee for the first year ($50/year annual fee after that)

Once you get your miles, make sure to book your tickets as soon as you can. We booked our flight a month in advance and did pretty well. But, the earlier you get the flights, the better your flight times and seating assignments will be.

Get the card, meet the spending requirement, and let Citibank and American Airlines pay for your flight on your next vacation.

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